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Binance Reviews and Its Features for Crypto Traders

Binance currently becomes one of the leading trading platforms for crypto trading and exchanges. It keeps growing and it is also related to the trends where people are aware of the opportunity of gaining profits from the cryptocurrencies. Binance is not the only one, but it is now one of the best that can be found. It is headquartered in Hong Kong but its services are accessible in many countries. It has many good offers and features that make traders find benefits in using the platform. Both seasoned and new traders are able to enjoy easy access and good performance in trading with the services offered by Binance. Thus, binance reviews get many attention and people who are interested in trading start to look for deeper information about it.

As what is mentioned above, Binance is not the only platform that can be found.  Because of the hype coming from cryptocurrencies, many brokers start to find opportunities and provide crypto as one of the instruments that they offer. The eToro is one of them. The broker has become one of the best brokers, especially in forex. Now, the broker develops special platform to accommodate the crypto traders and it is called as eToroX. It has some features specially offered for crypto trading. That is why it is interesting to see the points regarding binance vs etoro. This can become good ways to see the features and benefits offered by Binance.

In term of regulation and safety, eToro has no issue about it. It is regulated and licensed broker. FINRA and also SEC become regulators of eToro that guarantees its safety. However, eToroX is different but it is still regulated and licensed. The eToroX is regulated by FSC. This is regulator in Gibraltar and this becomes something interesting about the platform. Meanwhile, Binance is not either regulated or licensed. However, safety does not become serious issues for Binance. The platform so far gets many positive reviews. Even, Traders Union as one of the most trusted source of reviews and information gives high ratings for Binance. It has score of 9.5 so it is almost perfect. With the good reviews that it has gained so far, at least people do not too doubt its services.

In term of regulator and license, eToroX is considered better than Binance. However, the big difference can be found when it talks about trading condition. Binance provides something better for traders. It can be seen from its minimal deposit. For those who have huge funds, it may not become serious concerns. However, beginners and traders who are afraid of the risks in trading see this aspect as one of the main consideration. In this aspect, both Binance and eToroX actually provides something good. They have low deposit but Binance is better with its $10 minimum deposit while eToroX provides the traders with $50.

Since it talks about cryptocurrency, numbers of currencies become important. In this aspect, Binance becomes much better compared to eToroX. The digital trading assets of Binance have great numbers. There are almost 400 choices of cryptocurrencies. It means that it covers both the popular and the altcoins. Meanwhile, eToroX only has 28 assets to choose.

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