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Everything That An Art Enthusiast Should Know

GSA assures the provision of space requirement satisfaction for the federal agencies. It provides policy directions, national leadership, and many standards in architecture, urban development, engineering, fine arts, historic preservation, project management, construction services, and sustainable design.

Art in Fine Arts and Architecture

This division of GSA holds responsible for the care and commissioning of the Fine Arts Collection’s GSA Artwork.

Art in Architecture:

GSA Art in Architecture looks into the artworks division for commissioning them for the latest federal buildings across the nation. The GSA artwork amplifies the federal architecture’s overall civic meaning and exhibits the American Visual arts’ vibrancy. Altogether, the federal building’s Art and architecture develop a longer-lasting cultural legacy for the people across the USA.

GSA also reserves a half percent of the latest federal buildings’ estimated construction charges for the project artists’ benefits. A panel comprises the art professionals, civic, community representatives, and the lead design architect. The GSA staff then meets to discuss more opportunities for the artists to participate in the newer projects. The panel then reviews the diverse group of artist candidates and then nominates the finalists for GSA’s evaluation. Further, the artists receiving the federal commissions work together with the project architects. The rest join as the design team members to ensure that the artworks integrate meaningfully into the entire project.

Fine Arts:

GSA Fine Arts program manages the Fine Arts Collection of GSA for ensuring the accessibility, preservation, safety, and correct usage for promoting and enhancing the higher quality work environment for the federal agencies and the served public.

GSA Artworks in Fine Arts Collection is the oldest and largest public art collection in the USA, and it contains work dating from the 1850s to the current day. The artworks also include the ones acquired using Art in the Architecture Program and the ones coming under New Deal art projects’ federal patronage. All these artworks integrate with the GSA Federal buildings’ architecture. The civic GSA artworks are located in the federal buildings and courthouses across the nation. Furthermore, over 23,000 smaller and moveable new deal artworks are also available on the longer-term loans to the museums and other Non-profitable institutes.

GSA precisely works to maintain the cultural and national heritage of the Fine Arts Collection, which serves as the reminder of the critical tradition of the creative expressions.

Here is the list of Artworks not included in the GSA Artwork collection:

  1. Decorative artwork like light fixtures and furniture.
  2. Architectural ornaments and details like the medallions, stenciled borders, mosaic flooring, and others.
  3. Commemorative artwork like statues, portraits, and busts.
  4. Artworks brought for the office space like the reproduction posters and prints.
  5. Artwork that assures the personal, commercial, or political endorsements.


GSA engages the appropriate and best private-sector engineers and architects to design, modernize, and construct the federal buildings using the renowned Design and construction excellence program to assure a higher standard. The arts in Architecture program of GSA commissions the American artists for creating publicly scaled and installed GSA artwork for the nationwide federal buildings. On the other hand, the GSA Fine Arts Program assures national expertise and leadership for its collection.

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