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Planning Corporate Ceremonies With Proper Lighting

In order to nail Dallas event lighting, one needs to create a perfect atmosphere. With a professional edge and the right balance of color, event light can create a beautiful impact on your corporate party. While corporate event planners are great at handling the tinge of lights, designing your lighting plan would be even more fulfilling.

So, how to start with your lighting plan? One can either start by choosing the venue of the party or select the theme of the party! This article provides details of unique lighting ideas and how to go about it!

First, design the lighting plan. 

Take some time to think about the key aspects of your lighting model. Locate the key lighting points and identify the parts of the venue to fix the lighting. For perfect Dallas event lighting, one needs to develop a team that can understand the party’s objective. Before moving forward with the team, it is better to visit the site.

Ceiling and wall fixings are now in trend for corporate setup. However, it should match the priority of the organizers.

Consider the lighting kits.

Most corporate event lightings are decorated with LED setup. However, one can install lighting rigs throughout the venues for a traditional touch. A lighting kit consists of various elements. In fact, it should match the different event requirement that includes uplighter and spotlight. Moreover, when combined with a lighting designer, it should create a specialized effect for the party.


The key focus of the light should be on the stage. In general, the venues have a basic light system that sets up the mood for the party. However, for adding a professional touch, the light should also match the sound. There should be a light color effect in the plenary space. On the other hand, the audience space should be in a dark shade.

Stage and color effect

Wash lighting is the best choice to highlight the stage and the color effect. To enhance the exhibition space’s beauty, one can highlight it with small wash lighting. White plain light is the perfect choice for a perfect ambiance.


Uplighting refers to ground-based lights. These lights convey special features. They are generally powered by batteries and don’t require any concrete wiring system. To increase the event’s lighter tone, one can use effective color with multiple variations.

All these major lighting kits should be planned and installed as per the requirement of the event. As far as safety is concerned wireless lighting fixtures are a better option!

Lighting effects for venue

For any corporate event, there should be different segmentation. For example, one can use a drink counter to project light patterns in the ceiling. It adds a magical feeling throughout the room. Alternatively, color plays a crucial role in creating a dramatic effect in the event. Moreover, color can differentiate the zones.

Take your event lighting to a great level. 

Lastly, for dynamic Dallas event lighting, one can link the sound system with the lighting! Also, projection mapping would be a greater choice to make the event to the next level!

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