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Selecting An Event Venue In Miami: Safety In Times Of COVID-19

For many companies, selecting an event venue was always about factors like location, facilities, and budget. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has obviously shifted our priorities, and for the right reasons. Businesses will still need venues to organize events, but the basic requirements also include health safety measures. In this post, we are sharing more on how to find the right event venue in Miami in times of COVID-19.

Ask about MB Standard

The City of Miami Beach has come up with what is known as the ‘MB Standard’, which must be adhered to, for ensuring safety and health of guests and attendees. When you look for event venues, make sure that they are adhering to the standards. This includes getting employees tested for COVID-19 every month and temperature screenings on a daily basis. The venue should also follow the basic protocols for contact tracing and all provisions that are mandatory for event safety and mitigating health concerns must be adhered to.

Know the basics

If you are looking for a venue, you have to consider the basic requirements that your company must follow for the event, and if the space is enough for that. This includes mandatory masks for guests and ensuring social distancing. Also, the venue should have enough staff to handle cleaning and sanitization of areas that are prone to frequent touching, using disinfectants and cleaning agents approved by the FDA. The venue should also have hand sanitizers installed at different locations in and around the main event center.

Costs and beyond

While corporate event budgets do matter, it is important to bear in mind that safety standards and ensuring precautions in times of COVID-19 comes for a cost. You may also have to compromise with some of the standard facilities at the event venue, and there may be restrictions on catering and what is being served. Make sure that you ask the manager for a budget, with a detailed review of what is included in the estimate. Spending a tad more on health safety of your guests at this point and time is never a bad idea, because that gives an assurance to your attendees that attending the event is safe, and they will be interested in the future events.

Check online now to find more on venues in Miami, and don’t forget to consider any other concerns that may impact your event in the current times.

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