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Iconic Hip Hop Stories of the decade

Living the life of the rockstar seems incredibly simple-peasy, but little do we know that there is a lot of blood, sweat, tears and hard work going to get the prized attention. Before making it large, many popular musicians suffered a lot.

For its subtlety, the music business is not recognized. On the opposite, craziness abounds and people usually go crazy over some wildness the day has occupied the news. And then, with both underground artists and top artists responsible for today’s greatest hip hop songs, the rap genre has its own unique style of over-the-top, jaw-dropping (or better still, clenching) nuttiness.

These insane yet real rap reports always sound as if they had to be made up, yet believe it or not, they all really existed. The effect is that a double dose of entertainment is addressed to viewers and onlookers. Not only do viewers get to enjoy these quirky performers’ songs and artistry, but they get to revel in the kerfuffle that actors often find themselves wrapped up in.

Numerous rap stories are 100 percent real, from high-profile battles, to intense jealousies and backstabbing, to drug-fueled dreams that are nothing short of macabre. Some are humorous, some disgusting, and some are troubling, but all of these amazing tales from rappers are entirely genuine.

50 Cent Was Nine Times Shot:

A mind-boggling nine gunshots survived 50 Percent. So, what actually occurred? When Darryl ‘Hommo’ Baum reportedly pulled up and fired him in the arm, stomach, side, neck, legs and left cheek while seated in a car back in 2000, 50 was actually busy about his own affairs.

The dispute was allegedly over a 50 cent album that spoke to local drug dealing where 50 grew up. Yeah, right now he’s got a bullet embedded forever in his mouth.


This week Kanye West opened Twitter ablaze. Tweeting out his disdain for the music business, labeling it modern-day exploitation, began with him. Then launch a crusade to change the music business. West today commented on his friendship with Jay-Z a little more, claiming he hopes to reunite the two.

Friends of Tupac Shared Some Of His Ashes:

The famous Tupac Shakur was cremated after his death in September 1996, and his ashes handed to his loved ones. He had rapped in one of his songs about how he wanted his ashes to be smoked once he was dead, and his former community mates honoured that wish.

Who’s Dating Rihanna?

For years, Rihanna’s romantic life has become a tabloid obsession — which might account for why she held her relationship so secret with the billionaire Hassan Jameel. So who is Rihanna dating?

But now, Us Weekly informs that after three years of dating, the pair have split up, with no reason yet as to why. The news comes two months after the pop star acknowledged getting a partner, getting only announced the engagement in an interview with magazine Vogue in November.

Rihanna and Jameel were seen together on several occasions despite keeping a comparatively low profile — the pair were also seen at a dinner in Santa Monica, California, which included the mother of the pop star.

In 2017 Rihanna was first affiliated with the Saudi businessman Hassan Jameel.

It was announced in January 2020 that Rihanna and Hassan Jameel were not together any more. The two were married for 3 years. After this split it is hard to know exactly who Rihanna is dating, particularly because she has not stated anything. She was seen hanging out again with A$ AP Rocky and even with Drake.

Kanye documented his first single with shut jaw:

The rapper’s rented car was involved in a major crash in October 2002 that put West in the hospital with a fractured jaw.

Although this kind of trauma may lead many individuals for a few months to slow down, the event ultimately catalyzed for West to continue recording vocals for the tracks he made.

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