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John Branca UCLA and the Basics of Entertainment Law

Entertainment law is a relatively new field, but its presence has had quite an impact. As with any new industry, it is expected that its rules and regulations will evolve over time. The basics of entertainment law are actually quite simple: it is concerned with protecting the rights of performers and entertainers that work in the various entertainment industries. It also deals with ensuring that the performers or entertainers get a fair deal when it comes to contracts, performance, and royalties. It is also concerned with ensuring that performers or entertainers have the same rights as other persons who might be performing in the entertainment industry.

Contract Law

There are several issues that you may need to understand and consider when you are thinking about the basics of entertainment law. First of all, you must know that when you are dealing with contracts, you must use the services of an entertainment lawyer, like John Branca, below. A lawyer who is familiar with contract law and understands the entertainment industries must be your chosen option. The fees charged by these entertainment lawyers will generally be affordable.

Help With Navigation

If you are considering signing a contract with a performer or an entertainer, you must do so only after consulting an entertainment lawyer. An entertainment lawyer can give you legal advice and assistance as you navigate through the minefields that you may need to navigate on your own. For example, you may need help when you are negotiating contracts with performers. Or, you may need help drafting contracts to protect the interests of your clients. An entertainment lawyer will know which legal documents to seek and which documents to leave out.

Copyright Registration and Ownership

You may also need the services of an entertainment lawyer when you are looking into copyright registration and ownership. Such a lawyer would be able to help you protect your interests as a copyright owner. If there are any uncertainties about the ownership of a particular work, you should seek legal advice on this matter. There are many different aspects to entertainment law, and you may want to consider working with an entertainment lawyer. Such a professional has the knowledge to guide you through the minefields of entertainment law.

Understand the Basics First

The internet has made it possible for individuals from all around the world to connect with each other. Unfortunately, some people have used this medium to take advantage of others. Some of the people who have fallen victim to this unscrupulous marketing are unaware of the laws that protect them from online fraud and copyright infringement. There are many different laws in place to deal with these issues. Therefore, it is extremely important to understand the basics of entertainment law if you are going to use the internet to market or to obtain content. Without legal advice, you could find yourself in serious legal problems.

By taking the time to understand the basics of entertainment law, you can protect your interests as an artist or creator. Therefore, you should consider seeking the services of an attorney who specializes in legal issues.

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