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What accesories you need to prepare for your presentation

The best presenters are ready for everything that might happen during their presentation. Imagine that: you are fully ready to present the data on a projector and… the electricity suddenly goes down. What should you do? With the equipment listed below – your presentations will always go smoothly!

1. Projector

If you are a tech lover, you probably do all your presentations in MS Office or any other presenting program. Thus, you should prepare a projector, which will allow you to present all the data to the audience. Keep in mind, that even if you set what seems to be the perfect breaks between slides, someone might have an additional question, there might be any sort of accident or whatsoever. Thus, it might be a good idea to get a remote, that will allow you to move back or skip some slides to answer a question. If you will be able to get one with a built-in laser (to point on the most important information), it’s even better!

2. Whiteboard

Not really a fan of the modern technology? Or you actually enjoy using projectors, but the room in which you will conduct the presentation is not technically prepared to allow you so? No matter the reason, whiteboards or flipcharts are a necessary accessory for every person, who is presenting data to others. Keep in mind, that even if you usually use projector, it’s good to have a whiteboard at hand. Firstly, you can use those if the electricity fails and secondly – the whiteboard might be especially useful if the meeting attendees are really interested in the discussed matters and would like to do a brainstorm to get the best possible ideas.

3. Microphone

If the room in which you will be presenting is big, even the best office supplies won’t be helpful it the attendats can’t hear you. Thus, you should always have a microphone at hand, but use it only if it’s really necessary. Some of the presenters believe, that speaking through a microphone when everyone is perfectly capable of hearing you without it generates an unnecessary distance between you and the audience.

4. Batteries!

Remote, microphone, some of the projectors – all of those office supplies might be using batteries and it’s a great idea to have a huge (like, really huge) stock of those at hand. If your microphone will suddenly go down and you will spend a couple of minutes searching for a new set of batteries, everyone will get distracted, which is natural. Thus, always have at least two or three sets of batteries somewhere easily accessible to make the break as short as possible.

5. Printouts for the audience

Keep in mind, that the whiteboard might be too small for some rooms. Thus, you should have printouts for every person in audience with the full presentation. This way everyone will stay focused on what you are saying and, what is even more important, will be able to keep track. If you leave some space on the pages, they might even make notes on the most important pieces.

What else to remember?

Keep in mind, that even if you are well prepared, not everything has to go smoothly. Always have at hand a contact number to a technician, who will be able to help you during your presentation if anything goes wrong.


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