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Party Ideas For Senior Citizens

You don’t lose your zest for a good party just because you grow older, and partying with a crew of 65+ is always a recipe for a good time.  Having fun never goes out of style, and its health benefits are always welcomed.  

Whether you are a senior citizen looking for special party ideas or you’re searching for ideas for a top notch senior living facility, a few good party ideas are just a read away.  Take a moment now to read through some excellent funtime solutions for your next senior celebration, and start planning today.  

Gingerbread house party 

So many fond memories can be built when piecing together a gingerbread house with friends and family.  Taking the time to create with the ones you love means everything, and it’s the perfect excuse to throw a party.  

Decorate the spot in colorful gingerbread men, warm lighting, party favors, and delicious smells.   Have all the best gingerbread house materials on hand.  Think winter wonderland meets arts and crafts time, and sit back to watch all the smiles that unfurl when it’s party time.  

Hawaiian luau party

Summertime is the best excuse to throw a Hawaiian luau themed party with friends.  Seniors love to get in the pool, and water is definitely a must-have for your luau party.  

Colorful leis should adorn every party goer, and plenty of flavor-filled drinks to serve the guests.  Of course, the drinks should probably be of the non-alcoholic type, considering the demographic of the party.  That doesn’t mean you can’t still have a great time letting loose at your luau. 

Celebrations for Halloween

Though the party goers may have aged out of trick or treating, hosting a senior Halloween party has loads of exciting potential.  You can still have candy in cauldrons and scary costumes for all who attend.  

Everyone knows the costumes are really the best part of celebrating Halloween, and providing a chance for everyone to get dressed up could really give your senior friends and family a reason to smile.  

Have a Vegas themed party

If you’re looking to give your favorite seniors a party they won’t soon forget, why not throw a Vegas themed party?  Set up a betting bingo game and some small-scale slot machines.  Set up card tables for poker and blackjack.  Spend the evening sharing stories, games, snacks, and lots of fun.  

Christmas cookie swap party

If you have a group of seniors who love to bake, a Christmas cookie swap party could be the next party idea your group needs.  Cookies are delicious, and you can use them to get pretty creative in the kitchen too.  

Have party goers cook up their best Christmas cookies, and swap recipes, cookies, and other kitchen stories at your cookie swap party.  

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